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Abed Ahmed
Maths Teacher

Abed Ahmed is a maths teacher with a stammer. Shortlisted as the Best New Teacher of the Year (TES), he helps pupils to become good mathematicians and to be confident in their own skin regardless of their disabilities.

Abid Patel
IT Director

Abid Patel is the IT Director at the Leading Learning Trust in London and has been working in EdTech for over 15 years. He is a Google Certified Innovator having graduated from the recent #LON19 academy and is a passionate advocate for sustainable digital transformation in schools. He was most recently runner up in the EduFuturists Network Manager of the Year award and described by one of his fellow innovators as "a natural positive force and dreamer with 10X ideas".

Adrian Rollins
Deputy Headteacher and Ofsted Inspector

Adrian Rollins is a former professional cricketer and is currently a Deputy Headteacher at a secondary school. His specialism is curriculum, timetabling, QA, progress of HPA students and performance management. He is also an Ofsted Inspector with a specialism around the Quality of Education.

Aggie Mutuma
HR Director and Executive Coach

Aggie Mutuma is an experienced and passionate HR Leader, coach and mentor with a keen passion for inspiring and empowering BAME individuals as they navigate and grow in their careers. With over 20 years of experience Aggie is able to offer advice and guidance on career development and authentic leadership. Energetic, passionate and inspiring.

Akilah Moseley
Executive Coach

Akilah Moseley is an Independent Practice Educator, Executive Coach and Business Mentor, enabling and assessing both Pre Qualifying and Post Qualified Social work students/practitioners in practice. Akilah undertakes a Social Work Lecturer role at a London HEI and is a long-standing Governor in a Primary provision. Akilah also offers leadership and supervisory support to emerging leaders within both voluntary and statutory settings.

Ali Hassan
International Education Consultant

Ali Hassan is passionately involved in supporting school organisations globally with school start-up, development projects, leadership and teacher training. Ali is currently the Director of Learning and Teaching at an international school, and a member of the International Baccalaureate Educator Network (IBEN). Ali continues his doctorate (EdD) in educational leadership with the supervision of Professor David Hopkins at the University of Bolton. Ali advocates for diversity as an educator, in addition to health and wellbeing as a qualified Fitness Trainer.

Allison Moise-Dixon
Principal and CEO

Allison Moise-Dixon is currently Principal and CEO of all through academy in London. As a Black female mother to a primary aged son, specialisms include: values driven authentic leadership, women in leadership, impactful leadership and empowering others to diversify school leadership.

Alom Shaha
Physics Teacher

Alom Shaha is a Physics teacher, writer, and former TV producer with a particular interest in the use of demonstrations and practical work in science teaching. Alom is also the author of The Young Atheist's Handbook and Mr Shaha's Recipes for Wonder.

Altaf Hussain
Principal and CEO

Altaf Hussain is currently Principal & CEO of Luton Sixth Form College. Direct and to the point, Altaf subscribes fully to the rule that life is unfair and that, sadly, there is inequality in all forms of society and that there is a very good chance he may have had to work at least 50% harder and smarter than his non-BAME colleagues. However, things happen for a reason and he is a better leader because of this. His vision is very strongly led by a set of principles which are about the notion that inclusion is vital for everybody, good is never good enough and one should always be the very best that one can be. Altaf has in-depth experience of the private, public and voluntary sectors. He has provided training on a variety of leadership and change management programmes.

Amjad Ali
Assistant Headteacher

Amjad Ali is a senior leader and trainer. He has worked with all sectors from trainee teachers to headteachers providing training on teaching and learning and inclusion. He teaches, tweets and tweaks his practice to help others improve theirs, which in turn helps him and his students too.

Amrit Singh
Creative Director

Amrit Singh is an award-winning Creative Director, Digital Influencer and Artist. He gives talks on inspiration, aspiration, brand building, social media, and live streaming.

Dr Anjali Shah
Senior Lecturer in Education

Anjali Shah is a former Science teacher now working as a Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Chester. My research focuses on the development of professional identity of new teachers and the experiences of diverse participants in teacher education with special focus on career changers, BAME and EAL entrants to the teaching profession. I lecture and deliver CPD on issues of diversity and racial inequalities in education, representation and decolonising curricula.

Ann Marie Christian
Safeguarding Consultant

Ann Marie Christian is an International Child Protection and Safeguarding Consultant, Author, Trainer and Speaker. Delivers all types of accredited child protection and safer recruitment training, delivers workshops or keynotes at conferences and writes safeguarding articles.


Angela Browne
Interim Deputy CEO

Angie Browne is currently Interim Deputy CEO in a multi-academt trust in the South-West. She is a leadership coach, an experienced leader and former Headteacher and delivers training on a variety of leadership programmes. Angie writes and speaks about her passion for creating schools that nourish the children and adults within them and provides leaders with the inspiration and tools to do this.

Dr Angelina Osborne

Dr Angelina Osborne is an expert in Black British history, politics of slavery and abolition, post emancipation, and teaching difficult histories and has featured in many places, including BBC Woman's Hour.

Anjum Peerbacos

Anjum Peerbacos is a visibly Muslim British woman dispelling misconceptions about Islam and British Muslim women every day.

Anshi Singh
Computing Lecturer

Anshi Singh is a Lecturer at a Further Education college. She is passionate about inclusion of women and BAME in education and works closely with local businesses to create meaningful opportunities for her students.

Ashish Kundi
Head of RE and PSHE

Ashish Kundi is a Head of Religious Education and PSHE and blogger. He has lead school initiatives that gained national recognition for community engagement. Ashish speaks about how being yourself is the greatest tool in addressing misconceptions, how diversity needs to be a core aspect in all areas of the curriculum and how the best leaders are driven by compassion.

Asif Bhatti

Asif Bhatti is a primary school Headteacher.

Audrey Pantelis
Former Headteacher

Audrey Pantelis is Former Head of a SEN Free School with 28 years experience of mainstream and SEN education.

Ayo Awotona
International speaker

Ayo Awotona is an International Speaker who specialises in confidence building for girls and young women (10-25). Ayo is a very energetic young woman who is highly engaging, relatable, creative, forward thinking and has such a passion for life! Ayo's core message is finding self-worth. This originates from her genuine real-life experiences of transforming difficulties into triumph and hindrances into opportunities.

Bansi Kara
Deputy Headteacher

Bansi Kara is a Deputy Head Teacher specialising in Curriculum and Assessment. Speaking topics include diversity, literature, English teaching, gender, politics and sexuality.

Benjamin Barker
Vice Principal

Benjamin Barker is currently the Vice Principal in a North West based secondary school. His specialism is science education, QA, progress of students at Key Stage 4 and leading teams.

Benjamin Turner
Head of Music

Benjamin Turner is the founder of the award-winning Rap Club project and Head of Music at a school in London. Featured on BBC News, TeachFirst and shortlisted as the Best New Teacher of the Year (TES), his projects focus on building the aspirations of young people in challenging circumstances through unique experiences.

Bijal Pandya
Interim Head of School

Bijal Pandya is Interim Head of School within an infant school in SE London. Bijal is an experienced Deputy Head Teacher (5 years) and senior leader (11 years).

Bilal Harry Khan
Workshop facilitator

Bilal Harry Khan is a freelance workshop facilitator specialising in Youth Engagement & Diversity & Inclusion. Having featured in articles for BBC & The Times as well as running a podcast, Bilal is passionate about sharing his views with audiences both young and older.

Blessing Maregere
Teacher & Educational Technology Researcher

Blessing Maregere is a Teacher of Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Leeds City College. PhD researcher in Technology Enhanced Formative Assessment. Speaking topics include: Starting a business, Let Your Passion Be Your Alarm Clock, Youth Entrepreneurship, EdTech, Innovative assessment methods. Passionate about Entrepreneurship, Education and Technology.

Bukky Yusuf
Assistant Headteacher

Bukky Yusuf is an Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Director of Science with expertise in coaching, education technology, leadership & management, science and wellbeing.

Carol Shepherd
Former Headteacher

Carol Shepherd is a former Headteacher. She works with leaders in education and with parents to help them get the best for the children in their care. She empowers them to help young people make positive choices; supporting them to be better at dealing with issues millennium children are facing.

Charles B W Prince, Ed.D.
Accredited Executive Coach and Company Director

Charles B W Prince, Ed.D. is the CHERC for Global Ed Executives firm where he focuses on working with universities to examine data, interventions and promote research. He also serves as the Director, Centre for Student Success at the University of East London. His specialism is in higher education, post-secondary education and other areas.

Charmaine Roche
Accredited Executive Coach and Company Director

Charmaine Roche is an Accredited Executive Coach and Company Director with 29 plus years as an educator including headship. Her work encompasses coaching, training and workshop development and delivery in mindful-self leadership and leadership development. She speaks as a Wellbeing in Education Advocate. She is passionate about supporting leaders to create the right cultures within which everyone, children and adults can flourish.

Cleon Wilson
Education Consultant

Cleon Wilson is an Education Consultant & Qualified Teacher. Learning/ Training and Development is his niche. He currently consults within the private Fostering agency. He has taught within the Primary Phase and mentored/ coached young people in secondary schools. Cleon is a highly experienced and skilled trainer - specialising within the School Governor realm.

Damith Bandara
Assistant Headteacher

Damith Bandara is an Assistant Headteacher in South London. Specialising in Leadership, coaching and mentoring. He loves reading and helping children and staff achieve their potential no matter the starting point.

Dana Abdulkarim
Associate Assistant Head

Dana Abdulkarim is an Associate Assistant Head - PE, Life (PSHE). Dana was the first Muslim hijabi to play for England. First to coach International level. First to qualify to teach PE. Dana speaks nationally about racism, barrier busting, authenticity and purpose.

Danielle Lewis-Egonu
Executive Head Teacher

Danielle Lewis-Egonu has been a leader in education for over 15 years, working within diversity rich settings and in areas of high deprivation, challenging the status quo and leading school improvement in adverse situations. Danielle is a passionate child advocate and leader of inclusion and curriculum development.

Danielle Rockson
Youth Educator

Danielle Rockson is an Educator, Public Speaker and Founder of a Youth movement called Transcend. She aims to educate and inspire young people to go above and beyond, overcoming barriers, changing the narrative and reaching their full potential. She has spoken across the UK, delivering talks and assemblies, that equip young people with the skills they need for the right mindset and action points in order to reach their potential. Her talks sets the tone for confidence building, finding your passion, exam focus and having a growth mindset.

Delano Stewart-Jones
Head of Academy/Head of Education

Delano Stewart-Jones is a BA and MA graduate of the University of Bedfordshire. Head of Academy/Head of Education at Pro:Direct Academy Luton delivering a football/education programme for 16-19 year olds who want to progress on to higher education or work in the sport professional industry. Delano has a passion for sport, developing young minds, diversity, equality and leadership.

Diana Osagie
CEO Courageous Leadership

Diana Osagie is an experienced secondary headteacher. She coaches leaders in challenging circumstances and is the CEO of Courageous Leadership. Diana speaks to audiences nationally on the courage and tenacity needed in successful leadership.

Diljeet Kaur Bhachu

Diljeet Kaur Bhachu is a musician-activist-researcher based in Glasgow and Edinburgh. She is a co-founder of the Scottish-Asian Creative Artists’ Network (ScrAN) which is a new initiative to support BAME artists with Asian heritage in Scotland, and her research interests lie in exploring race and gender issues in the music industry and music education sector.

Dilma de Araujo
SEN advisor and researcher

Dilma de Araujo is part of a dynamic group, supporting middle and senior leadership team duties as a Special Education Needs educator. She is a special education needs advisor and researcher for Church of England boarding schools and Think Tank organisations.

Dominique Dalais
Head of Physical and Health Education

Dominique Dalais is is the Head of Physical and Health Education at an International school in the London area. He is into his 25th year as an educator. Dominique has worked internationally for many years in countries such as France, China, Switzerland and South Korea. He is an IB MYP workshop leader, IB Building Quality Curriculum reviewer and has been on the IB review team for Physical and health education. He is also a committee member of the ECIS PE special interest group and a NEU rep for his school. Dominique recently started a Facebook group called 'International Teachers of Colour'. The group's aim is for international teachers of colour to share their own experiences, discuss ideas of how to deliver cultural diversity in schools and share resources.

Elmina Ferguson
English Teacher

Elmina Ferguson is an English teacher and Assistant Head of Department. Her work focuses on ensuring high quality teaching for SEND students. Elmina has a huge passion for teaching and learning. A huge area of her work involves developing trainees and NQTs.

Farzana S. Islam

Farzana S. Islam is an educator and youth engagement specialist with a passion for integration and creating belonging.

Fehmida Norat-Gilchrist
English Tutor

Fehmida Norat-Gilchrist is an English tutor for homeless and refugee learners aged 16+. She is currently working for a national third sector housing charity with previous experience as KS3/KS4 head of English in mainstream and special education settings. She delivers training and is completing post graduate study into dyslexia within disadvantaged groups.

Flo Awolaja
LinkedIn Mischiefmaker, and Edupreneur

Flo Awolaja is a LinkedIn Mischiefmaker, and Edupreneur: (An entrepreneur working within education). Her specialisms include: Creativity, Wellbeing and the Arts. "When we connect education and entrepreneurship it's all about taking control of your journey, using your strengths to make an impact". Her fun loving personality exudes a quiet confidence and steely determination to succeed in all things.

Georgia Thompson
Civil Engineer

Georgia Thompson is a civil engineer with a passion for shifting the mindsets of young people and teachers alike, bridging the gap between education and STEM industries. Speaking topics include diversity, gender, race, leadership and expertise in career coaching and workshop.

Geraldine Mattis
Head of Art

Geraldine Mattis is a Head of Art and her specialism is art curriculum, creative industries and 3D skills. She has been featured in some establish interiors magazines for her ceramics.

Gwyneth Gibson

Gwyneth Gibson is a Headteacher in a school requiring significant change. A 20 year career dedicated to changing failing schools. She has worked in a variety of settings mainstream, PRU and Her Majesty's Inspector (HMI). Her career has seen her work mainly London, but also Hertfordshire, Kent and now Bedfordshire.

Haji Prempeh
Head of D&T & Head of Year

Haji Prempeh is an experienced Design & Technology leader with a passion of educating our future leaders with a hands on creative approach. A passionate Head of Year and an advocate for Mental Health & Wellbeing. I have a strong passion for collaborative leadership and diversity within the workplace.

Harmeet Sahota
Senior Leader

Harmeet Sahota is a part-time senior leader, google certified trainer and digital consultant. He specialises in tech innovation and has trained schools and spoken at events in Europe and the Middle East. Harmeet is passionate about enhancing T&L, improving efficiency and reducing workload through bespoke digital strategies for schools.

Helen Sanson
Education Consultant

Helen Sanson is an independent Education Consultant. Her specialisms include governance, exclusions, diversity and inclusion, behaviour, intersectionality and policy, assessment, curriculum and resource development, careers and work related learning, capacity building and leadership and fundraising.

Ifraah Samatar
Head of KS1 and Literacy Coordinator

Ifraah Samatar is an experienced primary school teacher/ Head of KS1 and Literacy Coordinator. She is currently the Director of Youth and Community Engagement at Connecting Communities. Ifraah is also a youth mentor and leader. She is the co-founder of an award winning unique and innovative youth Leadership programme (@WeAreNTRPRT) that empowers, supports and recognises the vital role young bilingual interpreters play in their schools and communities. Her youth leadership workshops cover: team work, social inclusion, campaigning, social action, culture, effective communication and conflict resolution. Ifraah is also a regional ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust and she speaks passionately about Holocaust Education, prejudice, and the importance of diversity by celebrating our differences.

Imaan Asim

Imaan Asim is a student currently on a gap year. She creates spoken word poetry and writes articles centred around decoloniality and unconscious bias in education and politics.

Imani Clough
Character Educator and Empowerment Facilitator

Imani Clough is an Educator empowerment Facilitator and Mentor. Imani is the Founder and Director of Imani Academy, with specific expertise and experience in the development of character education qualities and the personal development of young people. Imani facilitates critical self-reflection conversations, the design and delivery of bespoke courses, hosts personal development experiences & retreats, and delivers one-on-one/group support for attendees and participants on her programmes as well as one-to-one requests. Imani Academy™ has received several regional and national awards for the academy’s work and commitment to inspiring, uplifting and empowering young people and young adults; specifically, those from underrepresented groups.

Isaac Timothy Anoom
Maths Consultant, Primary and Secondary Maths Specialist

Isaac Timothy Anoom is Mr Numbervator. Isaac is an experienced Primary and Secondary School Maths Specialist / Teacher and Primary Maths Consultant. He has written and presented Maths Programmes for the BBC and works in schools with Headteachers, class teachers, school Maths Lead, NQTs to raise the achievement of maths with children and support the presentation, delivery and content. Mr Numbervator is the ideal 'Keynote speaker' for all events.

Jagjeet Kaur Jutley-Neilson
Director of Student Experience and Progression

Dr Jagjeet Kaur Jutley-Neilson is the Director of Student Experience and Progression in Psychology at the University of Warwick. Jag is responsible for enhancing the student experience, employability, outreach and widening participation. Jag also teaches developmental psychology and academic skills. Jag's research focuses on autism, intellectual disability, visual impairment, and disorders of sexual development.

Jamel C Campbell
Early Years Educator

Jamel C Campbell is an Early Years Educator, Consultant and aspiring Children’s Author. He has been in the industry for 17 years. Early years is his speciality but he has worked in youth clubs, schools, been a mentor to many and supported children with SEND. Jamel has spoken on numerous platforms about the importance of having men in the early years and the importance of having a balanced workforce.

James Aidoo

James Aidoo is an an award winning youth practitioner and founder of an educational coaching company that works with KS4 students, his is passionate about effective leadership development among staff and raising attainment among students. How the Lion ate the Giraffe Is the name of James Aidoo's creative keynote that speaks into practical approaches to raising aspirations among BAME students.

Jazz Rose
Founder and CEO

Jazz Rose is is a passionate and engaging speaker with a compelling keynote message for schools, teachers & pupils on how they can raise attainment across the curriculum through delivering a rich creative curriculum.

Jim Roberson
Assistant Headteacher and Author

Jim Roberson is a native New Yorker working in UK schools nationwide for the past 30 years. Author of the Discipline Coach available on Amazon. Relationship building and teacher personal branding are my key areas of specialism together with educational aspiration talks to years 5-13.

Joss Cambridge-Simmons
Childcare Specialist And Entrepreneur

Joss Cambridge-Simmons is a nanny and battles with the stereotypes that exist about men working in Early Years. Joss, also a DJ, is keen to share his professional experiences over the last 10 years including becoming CEO of Jossy Care Childcare Service.

Joyti Kaur
Research Psychologist

Joyti Kaur is a Research Psychologist (PhD) with a specialism in Health and Developmental Psychology. She has previous experience in Education and as an Assistant Child and Educational Psychologist and in Project Management. She is passionate about Mental Health (Mental Health First Aider) and supporting children and young people with education and empowerment.

Junaid Mubeen
Director of Education

Junaid Mubeen is a research mathematician turned educator, working at the nexus of mathematics, education and innovation. He is a writer, speaker and muser on all things maths and EdTech.

Kam Chohan
Chief Operating Officer

Kam Chohan is a member of the Senior Leadership Team at ECIS, serving as Chief Operating Officer. Leading on finance and global membership for the organisation, increasing membership by 30%. High aptitude for financial reporting, forecasting, analytical ability, scenario analysis, financial implications of business structure. I am a passionate educator and advocate for diversity in the workplace.

Karamat Iqbal
Education and diversity practitioner

Dr Karamat Iqbal is an experienced education and diversity practitioner, researcher and writer. He currently works to support leaders of the disadvantaged in schools and has recently published a book on minority education: British Pakistani boys, education and the role of religion; In the Land of the Trojan Horse.

Karen Cruise
Young people's life coach

Karen Cruise is a young people’s life coach and specialises in helping our youth to break down the barriers that might be limiting their ability to reach their fullest potential. Karen works and speaks in schools, colleges and universities inspiring & supporting young people to be their best selves.

Karim Mitha
Public and mental health researcher/lecturer

Karim Mitha is a public health specialist with expertise in ethnic health inequalities, cross cultural mental health, tackling Islamophobia, racism, stigma and discrimination.

Karl Pupé
Teacher and author of "The Action Hero Teacher"

Karl Pupé is a qualified classroom teacher with a decade's experience across the Primary, Secondary and Further Education sectors. Specialising in Behaviour Management, he worked as a Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs) Coordinator teaching students with severe Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties.

Kenrick Liburd
Professional Basketball Coach

Kenrick Liburd is a Head coach of Great Britain U16 Women's National Team and Nottingham Wildcats Basketball Club, playing in the Women's British Basketball League. He has over 15 years experience as a Coach and Educator in both the United Kingdom and theUnited States, with a Masters Degree in Leadership and an Undergraduate degree in Business administration with a concentration in education.

Khadija Mohammed
Senior Lecturer in Education and Chair of SAMEE

Khadija Mohammed is a Senior Lecturer in Education. She is also the co-founder and Chair of the Scottish Association of Minority Ethnic Educators (SAMEE) which aims to support BME teachers, parents and young people. Her PhD thesis focus explores the lived experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Teachers in Scotland. She was the recipient of the Scottish Trade Union Congress Equality Award 2019. Khadija is the chair of the Scottish Funding Council/Advance HE Race Project: Tackling Racism in Our Universities and Colleges.

Kiran Satti
English and KS1 Phase Leader

Kiran Satti is an English Leader, KS1 Phase Leader. Learner and teacher. She is passionate about advocating alternative fairytales and diversifying the representation of gender and ethnicities in children's literature; empowering fiction for girls #womened and using texts that immerse children into different worlds and lives - specifically immigration and refugees #reflectingrealities

Kishore Vyas
GCSE science video maker

Kishore Vyas is an ex-Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Science. He has been part of leadership teams working in struggling school and currently works in an outstanding science department in an outstanding academy. He currently specialises in teaching and learning strategies to help with student attainment. In the past he achieved a record number of nominations for the Pearson Teacher of the Year award and established a leading web based resource for GCSE Science.

Kojo Hazel
PE Teacher and Head of Vocational Education

Kojo Hazel is a Physical Education teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. Kojo is also Head of Vocational Education, a dedicated basketball coach, personal trainer, co-owner of Tribal Basketball, co-owner of Team Active Ltd and most recently, co-owner of THE Biz IT. Kojo's passions are always geared towards coaching and educating the next generation, technology, entrepreneurship and generally helping people in whatever way he can.

Kulvinder Kaur Johal
Regional Mentor

Kulvinder Kaur Johal is a former AHT and SLT member with over 25yrs teaching experience. She is now working as a Regional Mentor in Primary Science across London and the South East. Specialisms include primary science, cross curricular links, leadership, teaching and learning.

Laura Henry
Speaker and writer

Laura Henry is an expert international award-winning Early Childhood speaker and writer. She is passionate about quality in Early Childhood, making sure that children receive the best possible care and education to help them reach their full potential.

Leo Robertson
Literacy Trust Project Manager

Leo Robertson is experienced in the education sector both foreign and domestic. Leo has worked for charities and academic institutions. His work has ranged from Primary to Higher education, now with a specialism in employability skills and Literacy. He is on the advisory board for the IARS international institute and a Governor of a Secondary school.

Lesley Nelson-Addy
Professional Programmes Tutor

Lesley Nelson-Addy is currently completing her PhD focusing on race in higher education. She is also an English PGCE Curriculum Tutor and a supervisor for the Masters in Learning and Teaching course. Lesley taught English in two local Oxfordshire state secondary schools for five years.

Linett Kamala
Artist, Educator & Facilitator

Linett Kamala is a Former MAT Executive Director & Headteacher. Linett has extensive experience of 30 years. Her company Lin Kam Art, enriches the lives of others through art and education. She currently works in both the secondary and Higher Education sectors. Areas of expertise include: Facilitation of NPQH, NPQSL & NPQML, development of leadership programmes, esp. for BAME teachers, Alternative Provision, mental wellness for schools, Bespoke Coaching, Arts Curriculum & Carnival Culture. Linett is also President of the University of the Arts London Alumni of Colour Association and Board Director for the Notting Hill Carnival.

Mal Krishnasamy
Education Consultant

Mal Krishnasamy is an education consultant, executive coach & trainer. A former senior leader with a wealth of leadership experience she specialises in leadership development, coaching in schools and is the curator of the MalCPD Educational Coaches Network.

Mandy Tucker
Corporate Director and Executive Career Coach

Mandy Tucker is a passionate educator of students, leaders and ambitious professionals. As an IT Director she have in depth experience of leadership and navigating the corporate landscape as a BAME individual. Through her career coaching business Mandy supports clients on transforming their careers, leadership strategies and creating a more influential and impactful persona. Mandy mentors MBA students, BAME leaders and holds a trusteeship for a children’s charity. She looks forward to supporting your event with motivational and impactful content.

Marcus Shepherd

Marcus Shepherd is Principal of Nottingham Academy - The Wells Academy Campus. Former Assistant Principal & Head of Mathematics. He specialises in developing and crafting a whole school vision and driving change in very challenging circumstances.

Mareme Mufwoko
Head of School and Chair of Governors

Mareme Mufwoko is Head of School at a small, independent SEMH school and Chair of Governors at a local Primary School. Mareme's leadership experience and work in the charity sector have honed her expertise in relationship building, communication, behaviour management and outward-facing leadership. As a Muslim, Black woman who wears a niqab, Mareme overstands the importance of having positive role models and the impact of visible diversity in the education sector.

Marian Adejokun
International speaker and CEO

Marian Adejokun is an International inspirational speaker, Multi-Award Winner, Published Author of 2 books, Youth Advocate and the CEO of Marian Adejokun Foundation, Founder of ReachOut2All Youth Organization portal services for our young people and Founder of B-Royal Clothing Brand. Marian speaks at churches, schools, universities on a variety of topics: primary, enterprise, lifestyle, careers, well-being, disability, sexual abuse and anti-bullying. Marian holds an MA from UCL in Early Years Education.

Martha Da Costa-Sherwood
Education Consultant and Transformational Coach

Martha Da Costa-Sherwood comes from humble beginnings and used education as conduit of change. She has become an expert in Education and Personal Development with over 14 years' experience. UK trained, she has a BSc Hons. Degree in Business & Psychology, MA in Education Leadership & Management and is a ILM Level 7 Certified Executive Coach and Mentor. Martha is a firm believer in lifelong learning and facilitates personal and professional development for individuals, schools and corporations across Nigeria and the UK. Her long-term goal is to support governments with the development of a more equitable education systems.

Martin Sinclair
England Football Player

Martin Sinclair is an England and Great Britain Cerebral Palsy football player who is also trying inspire the next generation to showcase their ability rather than disability. Alongside his football he is a SaintsAbility Development Officer with the Saints Foundation.

Marva Rollins OBE
Education consultant/retired head

Marva Rollins is a retired headteacher since 2019 after 24+ years. She is now a consultant supporting schools leaders in schools in challenging circumstances through coaching and practical mentoring. Marva has 30 years experience of developing and leading programmes for leaders and future leaders. She is a public/conference speaker with a range of topics, including relating leadership lessons learnt to the everyday realities of leading schools.

Maureen Brettell

Maureen Brettell is a proud Headteacher of an SEMH Special School in the North West. She has 16 years experience in leading on Behaviour Improvement, Inclusion, and improving outcomes for young people in PRUs/AP and she's a specialist in effecting rapid school improvement through coaching and supporting staff.

Mayamin Altae
Teacher and speaker

Mayamin Altae is a national and international speaker who specialises in teacher education. She has been an English language teacher for many years in schools in the UK and in the Middle East. She has a PhD in Education and MA in Educational Technology and TESOL. Mayamin is actively involved in facilitating the engagement of the UK and the Middle East teacher leaders in their own CPD. She is also advocating against the implementation of the international educational curriculum in different settings without considering the cultural and the national necessities of the host educational context in order to promote educational equality and inclusion and diminish division and cultural encounter.

Meera Chudasama
Research Lead and Editor of Innovate Journal

Meera Chudasama is Research Lead and Editor of Innovate Journal. This role highlights her love and passion for encouraging teachers to become teacher-researchers. Alongside being an English Teacher, Meera feels the most at home when she is supporting teachers to conduct their own small-scale research inquiries. Whether this be through an action research project or a case study approach, Meera thrives in helping teachers consider how to put their practice under the microscope. From starting a conversation to getting the writing process process, getting teachers to become researchers, she hopes to marry the world of academic research to classroom based research.

Mélina Valdelièvre
English Teacher

Mélina Valdelièvre is a Franco-Indian teacher of English in Scotland, a member of the Scottish Trade Union Congress Black Workers' Committee and she undertakes research in anti-racist education. She was awarded the Walter Hines Scholarship to research racial dialogue in education in New York City and she is the founder of The Anti-Racist Educator - an online public engagement platform seeking to help all educators raise their racial consciousness.

Mohammod Emad Uddin
Physical Education Trainee & Sociology Graduate

Mohammod Emad Uddin is a BA graduate in Sociology with a key interest in Muslim identities in the 21st century. Currently completing training in secondary Physical Education, with an FA Level 1 in Talent ID and Football Coaching.

Morrisen Mamutse
Youth & Young People Development Specialist

Morrisen Mamutse is a Youth & Young People Development Specialist, Speaker, Author and Happiness Coach. Morrisen is author of young people's motivational book, SORTED: A young people's guide to successful careers and happy relationship. He holds a Masters degree in International Development from the University of Birmingham, UK. He has successfully initiated and implemented projects that have trained and mentored hundreds of youths in the UK, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Areas of speciality are: Teaching young people positive thinking, grant writing skills, tackling barriers to life  fulfilment(Inclusion,Integration,Involvement), happiness and how to  sustain it, careers pathways, family relationships and volunteering.

Nadine Bernard
STEP Headteacher and Executive Coach

Nadine Bernard is a STEP Headteacher and Executive Coach. She has experience of challenging circumstances within Headship and overcoming these with integrity. She is passionate about eradicating exclusions and ensuring those excluded are included.

Naheeda Maharasingam
Head Teacher and CCT Research Network Lead

Naheeda Maharasingam is a Local Leader of Education (LLE) and a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. She is currently Headteacher at Rathfern Primary School. Education as transformation, empowerment and challenge is what she, as a Headteacher, has an unrelenting passion for.

Naila Missous
Primary and Leading Teacher (History, Religion)

Naila Missous is a passionate primary teacher with a background in cultural journalism and linguistics. I am an advocate for BAME teachers and representation for children through curriculum and their teachers.

Narayan Deb
Assistant Principal

Narayan Deb is a teacher of literature and senior leader with a desire to have a deeper understanding of how we promote the unique characteristics of our diverse student body and therefore enable them to aspire to even greater heights. Narayan is also fascinated by how diverse teams come together in communities that have the odds stacked against them, the simplicity of teaching and learning, developing and coaching teachers and promoting a diverse curriculum.

Dr Nasima Riazat
Public and mental health researcher/lecturer

Nasima Riazat currently works in secondary education as a teacher and middle leader. She has expertise in educational leadership, coaching, teaching and learning.

Natalia Mole
Campaigner, Activist and Student Researcher

Natalia Mole is an activist, campaigner and student researcher currently representing the NUS Trans Caucus. They have experience delivering talks, panels and workshops on areas including decolonisation, disability justice, feminism, queer and trans liberation and transformative justice, as well as in developing guidance for supporting disabled students at their university and shaping race equality strategies at their university and students' union.

Naureen Khalid

Naureen Khalid is a Governor with experience of being a trustee and a member of a local governing body.

Neelam Parmar
Director of E-Learning

Neelam Parmar is currently working as Director of E-learning at Ashford School. Neelam's area of specialism is offering transformational change using EdTech in education.

Nicola Coles
Founder of 1000daysofdifferences

Nicola Coles is a former teacher and the founder of 1000daysofdifferences. She is passionate about building understanding of self and others through shared experiences. She works with schools to facilitate mutually beneficial connections between students and members of society who are different from themselves.


Nicola Harvey
Special Needs Teacher, Author and Wellbeing Practitioner

Nicola Harvey is a Special Needs Teacher, Author and Wellbeing Practitioner. As an advocate for mental health in education, Nicola has a passion for empowering educators with practical wellbeing strategies to look after their emotional and mental health, so they can support their students. Nicola also want to promote BAME diversity within education and publishing, because representation matters.


Nidal Sleiman Haidar
Doctoral candidate (researcher)

Nidal Sleiman Haidar is a former international school principal who is currently researching educational leadership, international education and social impact. Nidal is an advocate of social justice and equality in an arbitrary educational system. She calls for a critical approach to liberate school leaders from an excessively quantified system that is obsessed with compliance, to allow a greater focus on the root causes of educational problems; particularly political, social, economic and identity issues. She is also advocating against a misrecognised post-colonial and neoliberal international educational structure that is incurring hegemony and further social divisions instead of addressing issues of power and marginalisation. Currently, Nidal is a PhD candidate at the IOE/UCL and a freelance educational consultant and writer. Her current project includes the practice of principals, leadership development, and the importance of building social capital in international schools. The study acknowledges, explores and analyses the role of social capital in informing leadership practice and shaping the school culture.

Nikita Shah
Analyst, Spoken word poet

Nikita Shah is an analyst at an international consultancy firm and is currently working on a range of issues including modern slavery, gender, migration, climate change, anti-racism and decoloniality. She sits at the intersection of practitioner and performance. Nikita uses spoken word poetry as tool of colonial resistance and storytelling to decolonise identity.

Nikki Cunningham-Smith
Assistant Headteacher and SENCO

Nikki Cunningham-Smith is an Assistant Headteacher, SENCO and lead outreach practitioner. Nikki is a TES blogger specialising in behaviour, and engaging with staff uplifting. She is a former head of teaching and learning and centre lead and she loves to work with the lively lovelies that others don’t!


Onyi Anyado
Leadership speaker

Onyi Anyado is a multiple award winning leadership speaker, workshop facilitator, entrepreneur and business coach. Fondly known as Mr Distinction, Onyi uses his life story titled From Detention to Distinction as a point of reference, motivation and practical inspiration for leading with distinction.

Dr Pathik Pathak
Higher Education Leader

Dr Pathik Pathak is a higher education leader with a stammer. He directs the Social Impact Lab at the University of Southampton and helps equip students with the knowledge, skills and experience to lead for sustainable development.

Patrice Miller
English teacher and middle leader

Patrice Miller is a London based English teacher and middle leader. She is passionate about developing strategies to support and improve writing for underachieving learners.

Dr Poonam Madar
Educational Consultant & Personal Development Coach

Dr Poonam Madar is an Educational Consultant and Personal Development Coach. With over 20 years of Higher Education experience, Poonam has lectured across Universities in and around London and was the only female in her Department to be nominated as ‘Lecturer of the Year’ at her last post where she taught both Criminology and Sociology. She has facilitated several workshops specialising in student engagement and academic achievement. For two years, she also served as a mentor and guest speaker for Sprint: an immersive personal development programme at the University of Warwick with the aim of inspiring and empowering young women in achieving their goals.

Priya Kara
Education Consultant

Priya Kara is an education consultant, teacher trainer and mentor for overseas teachers in the UK and teachers in India. Priya has recently completed her Masters and her specialism is in Education, Gender and International Development. Priya is passionate about her research and work and led an Innovation Education team for a charity supporting teaches and vulnerable and marginalised children in low cost and low tech environments to drive positive education outcomes.

Raj Unsworth
Chair of Trustees

Raj Unsworth is an experienced leader with over 23 years service in the public, private and charity sectors, both in executive and non executive roles. Passionate about all aspects of education, but especially effective governance and values lead school leadership, which she believes are crucial to ensuring every child accesses a good education in truly inclusive schools. She is a Specialist Advisor to the Heads Roundtable Group.

Rebecca Daniel
Founder and Director of The Jigsaw Company

Rebecca Daniel is an award-winning social entrepreneur, a qualified Teacher, Transformation Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and DISC Behaviour and Personality Profiling Practitioner. She passionately helps heart-centered and purpose driven professionals and entrepreneurs to thrive in all aspects of their lives. Her core purpose is to empower her clients through powerful and transformational coaching, mentoring and training so they can live a truly fulfilled life.

Richard Rai O'Neill
Author - Storyteller

Richard Rai O'Neill is a Romani Storyteller, Author and literacy consultant working in a range of educational settings helping to inspire and motivate all students to enjoy expressing themselves through the spoken and written word. He was raised in a traditional nomadic family and despite having a sporadic education, went on to become an international award winning author. His aim is to show how everyone can empower themselves through the use of words.

Ritesh Patel
Subject Leader Design and Technology

Ritesh Patel has been a subject leader of design and technology for over five years. Ritesh is an advocate for wellbeing and motivating others. He has a strong passion for collaborative leadership and whole school Teaching and Learning.

Rizwan Afzal
Head of Humanities

Rizwan Afzal is a Head of Faculty (Humanities) passionate about growth and making a difference. From potential failure to partial success and the journey continues...

Sandeep Phagura
Assistant Headteacher

Sandeep Phagura is an Assistant Headteacher. Her specialisms are Teaching and Learning, Coaching, Initial Teacher Training and NQTs and Citizenship/SMSC/developing the whole child.

Sandra Harrison

Sandra Harrison is a Headteacher with 27 years teaching experience in mainstream and special schools, a Behaviour Specialist and Coach and mentor. Sandra coaches and mentors aspiring leaders to reach their goals. She delivers leadership CPD and Behaviour strategies to ensure positive outcomes for pupils.

Santash Freebourne
Maths SLE

Santash Freebourne is a maths SLE that is passionate about changing lives and providing school to school support. She is mad about boys and ensuring that they are challenged to achieve their best. Santash's vision is that every child must learn, and closing the gaps for disadvantage students.

Sapnaa Chotai
Art Teacher

Sapnaa Choti is an art teacher and curriculum leader of art and design. She fights for the arts and breaking barriers to gender and cultural barriers.


Satwinder Sandhu
Leader in children's social care

Satwinder Sandhu is a leader in children’s social care. He specialises in fostering, adoption, parenting, equality, diversity and sexuality. His passion is combining business expertise and research to achieve the best outcomes for children.

Shaddai Tembo
PhD candidate

Shaddai Tembo is a PhD Candidate at the University of the West of Scotland, Trustee for Early Education, Independent Writer at CriticalEarlyYears.org, former Director of the Bristol Men in Early Years Network, and Steering Group Member for the GenderEYE and MITEY campaigns. Shaddai speaks on race and racisms, and gender diversity and inclusion in the early childhood context.

Shahana Knight
Director of TPC Therapy

Shahana Knight is Director of TPC Therapy: a mental health and wellbeing service for children. She manages a team of clinical play therapists, sits on a foster care panel and delivers CPD training for professionals. Conferences and CPD she delivers includes trauma and the brain, attachment, therapeutic teaching, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Sharon Warmington
Executive Coach

Sharon Warmington is a specialist in corporate and school governance and holding a degree in Leadership for Change and Growth, Sharon is a results driven and highly sought after, global executive coach and motivational speaker. Sharon focuses on proactively creating opportunities for school governing bodies to properly represent the student body it serves.

Shrina Purohit
Creator of The Crazy Happy Lady

Shrina Purohit is creator of The Crazy Happy Lady. As a writer with my own blog and various publications across other blogs both nationally and internationally; I write about my experience of having and living with a mental health diagnosis & the cultural difficulties I’ve encountered in my life as a bisexual Indian woman through various social media platforms. I also have been invited to speak at various charities and conferences about my journey through adversity and my message of hope, resilience and perseverance.

Sufian Sadiq
Head of Teaching School

Sufian Sadiq is Head of a Bedfordshire based Teaching School, possessing extensive experience in managing teaching teams, curriculum design and leadership in the educational context. He currently manages Chiltern Teaching School Alliance and is responsible for overseeing CPD, School to School Improvement, ITT and quality assurance of qualifications.

Susan Gakungu
Assistant Principal

Susan Gakungu is a senior leader with vast experience in pastoral leadership in school and the community. She has a proven track record in reducing student exclusions, improving student engagement and leading on inclusion. Susan works with parents in local communities, empowering them on how engage effectively in schools and support their children.

Tajpal Rathore
Actor, Writer & Artistic Director

Tajpal Rathore is an actor, writer and Artistic Director of theatre company Tribe Arts. His area of expertise is around race, decolonisation, diversity & inclusion. He specialises in speaking about decolonising curricula, mindsets, approaches & practices within educational and other institutions and frameworks.

Tamanna Miah
Campaigner and public speaker

Tamanna Miah holds a number of roles as an award winning campaigner, public speaker, media spokesperson, facilitator, host, trustee, trainer, fundraiser, writer, mentor, freelancer. A TEDx & WeDay Wembley Arena speaker with over 15 years’ experience working in the youth, community, political sector representing many charities and organisations. Areas she works on: Racism, Bullying, Islamophobia, Mental Health and Suicide, BAME issues, Domestic Violence, Voting, Transport, Education, Homelessness, Refugees and migrants, Finance and Debt, PR, Digital and social media, Youth services, Housing, Environment and much more. A Diana Award holder, The Janey Antoniou Award holder from charity Rethink Mental Illness and Young Upstander Award 2016 at the first National Hate Crime Awards. Tamanna is keen to work with all young and old and bring together communities from all backgrounds to encourage community cohesion and inspire the next generation.

Taneisha Pascoe-Matthews
Head of Learning Support, SENCO

Taneisha Pascoe-Matthews is currently Head of Learning Support with the main portfolio as a SENCO. Taneisha has 16 years’ experience in the Education Sector with her career starting in Jamaica as a Maths and Computer Science teacher. She is passionate about advocating for better services for families of children diagnosed with Autism.

Tayera Khan
Lead Officer Gwynedd Council

Tayera Khan is a Lead Officer for the SVPRS at Gwynedd Council. She provides advice, support, deliver workshops and training to professionals and various organisations on forced marriages, HBV, domestic violence, and mental health within the BME community. Currently tackling issues around Islamophobia and hate crime. Welsh is her main language.

Thandiwe Banda
KS4 Science Raising Standards Lead

Thandiwe Banda is formerly Head of STEM now Raising Standards Lead for KS4 Science at a secondary school in Surrey. She focuses on developing Gatsby employability and global citizenship skills in students and presents ideas on how to bring STEM research projects to the classrooms primary and secondary/Post 16 level. Think Global Educator of the Year Finalist 2018, TES award STEM finalist 2019, BSA General Committee member and RSB Biology Teacher of the year Finalist 2015

Therese Osula Winthe
Curriculum Quality Manager

Therese Osula Winthe is experienced in teaching across the science subjects, examiner and stem ambassador. She is currently the Curriculum Quality Manager at a reputable FE college. Therese's specialisms are curriculum for diverse learners, quality and improvement, mentoring, and performance management.

Timothy Adelani
Head of Schools, School Governor and Schools and Universities Advisor

Timothy Adelani is a leading schools and universities advisor, having graduated in Classics from Peterhouse, University of Cambridge. Specialising in university admissions and post-16 choices, he has a wide range of experience within the education sphere, as well as access, outreach and widening participation.

Titilola Dawudu
Programme Manager

Titilola Dawudu is a writer and editor working in the charity sector and the arts and she has had extensive experience working with young people and adults, supporting them as a mentor and helping them to transition from studying to working professionally . She is a change maker and advocate for culturally underrepresented groups in the arts sector, specialising in highlighting much needed changes amongst people of colour, especially black women.

Tracey Thomas-Marshall
Senior Learning Improvement Consultant

Tracey Thomas-Marshall is a Senior Learning Improvement consultant working for Leeds City Council. Tracey specialises in meeting the needs of disadvantaged learners, middle leadership and teaching and learning.

Tricia Lindo-Helligar
Teacher of Science

Tricia Lindo-Helligar is a teacher with over 10 years experience, some of which has involved teaching in Jamaica where she was Head of Science and House Leader. Tricia is also a recent Masters Graduate from the University of Leeds in SEN and has aspiration to one day move into that field. Tricia is former Key Stage lead and currently Lead on the coordinating and teaching of Triple Biology at an Academy. She is enthusiastic about the development and engagement of young people in the field of Science.

Tony Bishop
Executive Principal (CEO)

Tony Bishop is Currently Executive Principal (CEO) of a small multi academy trust . Previously secondary headteacher - variety of other leadership roles (HOY, HOD, Ass Head, Deputy Head)

Veronica Cairns
Science Teacher and freelance tutor

Veronica Cairns is a dedicated, empathetic, passionate and professional science teacher. Over 20 years teaching and learning , pastoral and curriculum development and design experience. Uses innovative and creative approaches in Maths, Science, Poetry, Enterprise and motivational speaking to engage and develop student learning individually/ groups/ year groups.

Wendy Pearmain
Science Faculty Leader

Wendy Pearmain is a Science Faculty leader, with a passion for building collaborative teacher networks and improving outcomes for under-represented groups. She's a mum of five, board member of the Chartered College of Teaching and an advocate of BAME adoption.

Yamina Bibi
English Teacher

Yamina Bibi is an SSAT accredited Lead Practitioner with a specialism in English, leadership of coaching and establishing transition links between KS2/3.

Dr Yaz Osho
Senior lecturer

Dr Yaz Osho is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship/interviewer/researcher/writer with a specialism on black entrepreneurship, ethnic students' entrepreneurship, inclusive enterprise education practices, widening participation and higher education, social media and black academics, racism in higher education (experiences of staff and students) and decolonising higher education curriculum content.

Youlande Harrowell
Assistant Headteacher

Youlande Harrowell is an Assistant Headteacher, Director of Sixth Form within an inner city secondary school. Youlande is passionate about the importance of the representation of positive BAME role models for young people. She loves supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds to and through university and apprenticeships. Youlande also enjoys sharing her career journey, so far, to encourage the next generation of BAME leaders.

Zara Sahota
Aston University Engineering Academy Curriculum Area Leader of Mathematics

Zara Sahota is a SLE and Head of Maths passionate about inspiring young people, having come from Handsworth Birmingham to becoming the first in her family to go onto Higher Education and study Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management at Imperial College. Zara inspires the future generation to smash their barriers and study Maths or Maths related courses through driving the teaching and learning of Maths contextualised with Engineering and Business.

Zeeshan Azam Nazar
Major Contract Manager

Zeeshan Nazar is a recent Major Contract Management graduate who has just joined BT's graduate programme. He views other people's success as his own and knows all too well the difficulty we, as a minority, face when entering the working world. However, with a degree in Psychology, he would like to provide his know-how in how to utilise the power of Psychology to other students in being one step-ahead of the competition.

Zubeda Limbada
Co-founder and Director ConnectFutures

Zubeda Limbada has worked for over 15 years in the public sector on national and pan-European policy-orientated projects on topics such as extremism, equalities and leadership innovation. She was invited to the White House Countering Violnt Extremism (President Obama) summit in Washington in February 2015. She is the current EU RAN expert on extremism.