Sophia is an accomplished educator with over 22 years of experience as a leading Teacher of English, renowned for her commitment to diversity, equity, and social justice in education. Armed with a PhD from Lancaster University in the Faculty of Education and Social Justice, Sophia’s academic journey has deepened her understanding of intersectionality and its pivotal role in shaping inclusive educational environments.
Throughout her extensive career, Sophia has championed educational equity in diversity-rich settings, often navigating challenging circumstances to drive school improvement. Her passion lies in dismantling barriers to learning, irrespective of students’ backgrounds or starting points.
At the heart of Sophia’s research lies an intersectional framework, illuminating the complex interplay of social, economic, and political factors that shape individual experiences. Her work underscores the interconnected nature of oppression, emphasizing the importance of addressing multiple systems of subjugation to achieve true social justice.
Currently, Sophia’s research delves into the intersection of teacher skills and knowledge with student learning outcomes in English education. By exploring the impact of intersectionality-aware pedagogy, she seeks to pave the way for more inclusive and equitable educational practices, fostering environments where all students can thrive.