Matthew Rudy Meangru is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Northeastern University-London. He teaches calculus for business to undergraduate students. Matthew is passionate about showing his students that learning calculus can be enjoyable. He is currently finishing his doctoral studies at the University of East Anglia. His research looks at the use of 3D technology tools (i.e., 3D pens, Tinkercad, and Makerbot 3D printer) and mathematical modelling activities at the primary and secondary school levels to explore teachers’ affect, identity and competency towards mathematics. Matthew was born and raised in New York City. As an Indo-Caribbean and Hispanic American, he has taught mathematics at all levels of education in the United States, including high school, community college, and university. Matthew wants to help teachers at all levels of education in the United Kingdom to employ 3D technology tools in mathematical activities to prompt classroom engagement among students and show that learning mathematics can be enjoyable. Most importantly, Matthew’s hopes to encourage students from low-income areas to explore STEM opportunities by engaging, playing and designing with 3D technology tools.