Nidal Sleiman Haidar is a former international school principal who is currently researching educational leadership, international education and social impact. Nidal is an advocate of social justice and equality in an arbitrary educational system. She calls for a critical approach to liberate school leaders from an excessively quantified system that is obsessed with compliance, to allow a greater focus on the root causes of educational problems; particularly political, social, economic and identity issues. She is also advocating against a misrecognised post-colonial and neoliberal international educational structure that is incurring hegemony and further social divisions instead of addressing issues of power and marginalisation. Currently, Nidal is a PhD candidate at the IOE/UCL and a freelance educational consultant and writer. Her current project includes the practice of principals, leadership development, and the importance of building social capital in international schools. The study acknowledges, explores and analyses the role of social capital in informing leadership practice and shaping the school culture.