Imani is an Educator, Facilitator and Mentor. Founder and Director of Imani Academy™, specialising in character and personal development. Imani facilitates conversations, teaches courses, hosts experiences, retreats, and delivers one-on-one/group support. More recently, Imani has contributed to educational research, curriculum course design and content, for a range of life skills courses, aimed at primary and secondary aged pupils. 

Since being established in 2016, Imani Academy™ has been recognised for it’s commitment to inspiring, uplifting and empowering young people and young adults, specifically those from underrepresented groups, nationally and internationally. Through bespoke programming, facilitation and mentoring. 

Imani encourages those she journeys with to think critically about pedagogical processes and the root causes of social problems and structures that cause systems to behave the way they do. Imani supports people to think about how all of the above effects them and the people they interact with, in the different spaces they occupy — providing them with guidance on the steps they can make to challenge the status quo.