Founder & CEO of Every Child Needs a Mentor Ltd, also known as ‘The Mentor’s Mentor.’ Herman is a multi-award-winning mentor, author, entrepreneur, mentoring expert and podcast host.


Herman has over 20 years in Personal Development, transforming lives by speaking and mindset mentoring leaders and young people. With his expertise, Herman is passionate about now empowering the next generation of mentors, to empower young people. This is where Herman has earned the title – The Mentor’s Mentor, and he is known for equipping people to become the best version of themselves.”


Herman is also known for captivating audiences of business leaders with his training programmes, leaving them energised and inspired. Previous cohorts of corporate leaders have expressed that Herman’s charismatic personality, is what creates excellent rapport building and engagement. Herman’s audiences have also shared their surprise to find that they have rediscovered their passions for their own careers, passions they were convinced had been lost.


Herman has a sense of duty to reintroduce purpose to his clients, especially those who have come to a crossroads or lost the sense of purpose. Most of Herman’s clients share that they we’re not expecting to have embarked on their true identities, whilst participating on their training course.


Herman has been speaking publicly since 2006 and strategically shapes workshops and talks to transform organisations. Whether speaking to a hall filled with school students or attendees present at a corporate function event, Herman delivers game-changing mentoring techniques to promote and champion inclusion and diversity. Equipping the underrepresented, the marginalised and the underdogs of society; whether in the workplaces, education or communities, is something very dear and quite close to Herman’s heart.


Herman’s has gained local and national recognition, being commissioned as Lead Mentor of Birmingham. Furthermore, Herman’s work is recognised by government, as it was included in the governmental white paper for social inclusion. Herman was also requested to take his mentoring strategies overseas.


In 2016, Herman was introduced to school leaders and government authorities in the UAE including Dubai and Abi Dhabi.


In 2017, Herman was one of the first Leadership Fellows along with several prevalent leaders across industry and society who would meet at Windsor Castle to discuss leadership.


In 2018, Herman presented his TEDx Talk, The Joy of Being Broken. During this talk, Herman presents his audience with the positive perspective of using challenging situations as learning opportunities, despite the general notion to feel a great sense of disappointment. Herman teaches his audience how he has learnt to remain grateful, despite experiencing great tests and trials.


In 2020, Herman gained recognition for his expertise in mentoring and was awarded Mentor of the Year 2020. Recently Herman was named a finalist for Mentor of the Year 2022 for the Multicultural Business & Community Champions Awards.


In 2022, Herman launched The Mentor’s Mentor Masterclass whereas he strongly believes that “empowered people, empower people.” Herman mentor’s, mentors to transform young people by first becoming transformed themselves. On completion mentors gain a CPD-accreditation in mentoring.


Herman now harnesses his mentoring skills whilst hosting his podcast entitled Finding Your Path. Here Herman demonstrates to his global listeners that career paths are not aways linear or straight forward.


Finding Your Path aims to explore the mindset of leaders and how they found their paths in life. Herman has had the pleasure of interviewing guests such as Harriet Green OBE, Ex CEO of IBM, Mike Harris founder of First Direct and Egg Bank, Emmy Award Winner Chris Do Creative Director and Samuel Leeds Entrepreneur and Property Investment Expert.

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