Dr Nilufar Ahmed is a Psychologist, Academic, Psychotherapist, and Equality and Diversity Trainer. With decades of experience in the area of education and inequalities is committed to making change happen. Driven by a passion for equality and inclusion, she works closely with institutions of all sizes from small charities to global multinationals, helping them achieve their visions of cultural change and inclusion. She has delivered training, keynotes, and consultancy services across sectors including HE, business, and Government. 

At the University of Bristol she is a Lecturer in Social Sciences and a leading Covid Expert commenting on behavioural change and the rise in mental health conditions across the population since the start of the pandemic, including racialised disparities. She also held the post of Antiracism and Inclusion Lead for her School and is undertaking research on decolonising the curriculum. She has an interest in inclusive and antiracist pedagogy. Her expertise in human behaviour and her ability to engage effectively with different audiences make her an in-demand media contributor across multiple platforms and in different languages.