Dr April-Louise Pennant is an award-winning sociologist, creative educator, scholar-activist and consultant based in Cardiff, who highlights the anti-Black, gendered racism of the education system and wider society within her work. This includes centring the educational experiences and journeys of Black British girls and young women and the intersectional barriers they must overcome to ‘succeed’, with the aim being to better support their navigation within it. She is currently researching the hidden histories and contributions of the enslaved Africans whose exploitation produced the wealth that built Penrhyn castle in North Wales, the surrounding estate, and the city of Bangor. With wide-ranging expertise gained through her work within higher education, educational charities, and the Welsh government, she has held roles developing Welsh policy such as the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act and the Anti-racist Wales Action Plan. She also contributed her expertise as a member of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities, Contributions and Cynefin in the New Curriculum Working Group and co-authored the award-winning report Running Against the Wind: Report on Black Lives Matter & staff experiences of race, gender & intersectionality in the Welsh Government. April-Louise passionately enjoys using her expertise and experience to inform policy, conduct research, speak, write and consult on projects with the goal of positively transforming [educational] spaces and places. She finds joy in participating in anything that advances intersectional social justice, learning more about her cultures and that of others (particularly by travelling), and participating in opportunities where she can develop her skills, connect with like-minded people/organisations, and use her expertise in ways that empower and inspire others.

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