Chiedza Ikpeh is a dedicated speaker, scholar activist, and director of the RARA Education Project, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting real and authentic representations of Africans and Caribbeans across the UK. With extensive experience in captivating audiences, Chiedza excels in facilitating real and authentic conversations on racial justice across the UK. Her expertise as an EDI consultant, PhD researcher in Education Studies, and Multi-Academy Trust Trustee Director centres around promoting diversity and inclusion across the education landscape and beyond. Chiedza’s academic background includes a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Resource Management, and a PGCE in Secondary Education. Her current PhD research focuses on the underrepresentation of Black women in teaching, aiming to amplify their voices through counter storytelling and explore the complex interplay of social, cultural, and systemic factors that contribute to the lack of Black female visibility. 
As an EDI consultant, Chiedza brings valuable expertise to advising, consulting, and delivering training and development services to organisations across the UK. Her knowledge in human resource management, teaching and learning, coupled with her educational background and dedication to social justice, equips her to provide practical solutions for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Chiedza’s passion for social justice and expertise in education and people management make her an ideal speaker for events centred around diversity, inclusion, and social change. Her work exemplifies the transformative power of education in driving positive societal impact. By honestly and transparently connecting with her audience, Chiedza inspires action, motivating individuals and organisations to work collaboratively towards a more equitable and inclusive future.