Asia is Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Clifton High School, Bristol and has led sessions for Haringey and Islington councils on the topic of anti-racist curriculum design and child-led learning, focusing on pedagogy. Leading from her MA in Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity from Birkbeck, she founded Global Routes Project: a dialogic model that uses photography to facilitate learning, led by children and focused on their everyday surroundings. Informed by her leadership in English and Art, and working as a teacher in London for more than ten years, the training shares how this approach to education can address challenges faced by schools of constructed and fixed stereotypes of identity.

The CPD sessions share and discuss how visual resources can be used in the curriculum, to go beyond representation and to foster pedagogical approaches, which can embed anti -racism across the curriculum everyday. It will share strategies to teach curricula using child-led and dialogic approaches.