What does ‘Decolonise the Curriculum’ mean to you? Pran Patel looks at the school curriculum in the UK. He utilises his personal experience of education in the UK as a pupil, teacher and secondary school senior leader. He asks questions such as what is the future of curriculum development in the UK? Why is my curriculum white? What is the impact of an ethnocentric curriculum? Will school leave some pupils feeling inferior? More importantly,​ will school leave the majority of pupils (white) in the UK with a sense of superiority? Pran Patel is a warm, friendly, passionate educator, with 15 years’ experience in schools in various London boroughs, as well as the West Midlands, most recently as a secondary assistant principal. He believes integrity is essential and lives by the saying ‘The right thing to do is always the right to do, regardless of the consequences’. He champions diversity, advocates positive mental health and challenges the system, for instance, he willingly risked his future employment prospects by being interviewed for the Buzzfeed article ‘Black teachers are leaving the profession due to racism’.

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