Under the theme of diversity in schools, we are presenting EDDi as a journal.

We have contributions from Viv Grant (UK), Sapphira Beaudin (Thailand), Angeline Aow (Germany), and Adam Dedman (Taiwan), and of course, our regular EDDi writer, Dr Stephen Whitehead, on the following topics:

Total inclusivity and the loss of innocence (Dr Stephen Whitehead)

Total inclusivity: influencers and the moral maze (Dr Stephen whitehead)

Racial equality: 5 things all school leaders should ask (Viv Grant)

Identity, intersectionality and inclusivity (Angeline Aow, Edited by Dr. Helen Kelly)

Raising anti-racist children (Sapphira Beaudin)

Nurturing inclusivity for LGBT+ students: the case of Taiwan (Adam K. Dedman)

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