Chris Gaine

Pupils’ and teachers’ perspectives on race are changing, particularly in regions where white people have little first hand contact with ethnic minority people. Continuing the theme he first explored in his ground-breaking books “No Problem Here” and “Still No Problem Here” in the 1980s and 90s, Chris Gaine explores recent ideas and strategies that support those seeking positive change in schools and communities. The author revisits the old evidence of the misconceptions and prejudice that prevail in white areas and compares this with current views. He makes a convincing case for tackling the issues and devotes most of the book to moving things forward. His chapter on words, concepts and definitions is illuminating, and he rolls out past history to show why even though countering racism is never easy in white areas, it can – and has been – done. The remaining chapters are designed to support everyone working in education who is concerned to further racial justice and social cohesion through schools. They cover: suggestions for training; resources; and developing policies and strategies.

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