Dani McClain

A longtime reporter on race, reproductive justice, policy and politics, Dani McClain is now also the mother of a baby girl.

Like all first time mothers, she has countless questions about raising her child to be ethical and kind, but also to be healthy, happy, and safe in what she, as a black woman, knows to be an unjust, even hostile, society to people of color.

In We Live for the We, McClain interviews mothers and experts, asking the tough, scary questions, but also celebrating the joys of motherhood and the hope that children bring.

Following a child’s development from infancy to the teenage years, the book touches on everything from the importance of creativity to building a mutually supportive community to navigating one’s relationship with power and authority.

McClain shows that how we parent is perhaps even more important than how we participate in direct action and advocacy.

It will determine how we survive and what kind of society we build for the next generation.

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