Dawn Gill, Barbara Mayor, Maud Blair, Dr Maud Blair

This broad-ranging text offers a timely overview of both the social basis of racism in education, and the policies that have attempted to combat it. What has been achieved by legislation or local antiracist initiatives? What are the possibilities for, and limits to, change through the education system? What can and should be done at the level of the individual school and in classroom practice? The authors show how curriculum content, teaching methods and institutional practice may serve to perpetuate racism – or to challenge it. Focusing mainly on the effectiveness or otherwise of multicultural and antiracist policies, the book situates racism at school in the widest context, from the experience of individuals to the social and institutional background. A successful balance of important recent articles and substantial contributions specially written for this text, Racism and Education is essential reading for teachers, students and all those concened with discrimination and with antiracist policy. Although rooted in the British experience, it addresses issues and problems common to many Western societies.

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