Steven Horne

A little over 500 years ago the first people under the ‘Gypsy’ banner arrived on British shores. Centuries of persecution and misrepresentation, bolstered in recent years by sensationalist TV programmes and skewed media reports, has resulted in a warped and often one-sided perspective of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities, their beliefs and their history.This book addresses that imbalance by offering an ‘insider’s’ look into what is often an unknown and misunderstood culture. The information and real-life examples provided are unflinching, allowing this book to approach subjects and areas that are often avoided. In doing so, multiple stereotypes are broken down, whilst a history unbeknown to many is explored.As such, this book provides both an insightful read for anyone wishing to know more about GRT communities, beliefs and practices, in addition to allowing those in a professional setting (Education, Health, local Council) the opportunity to forge better relationships with GRT people in their care.

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