Maurice Irfan Coles

Issues surrounding Islam have the potential to divide society but also to be a positive unifying force. How best can we respond effectively to the educational needs of Muslim children? How can extremism and Islamophobia be tackled? This book provides: a rationale for change; guidance at a strategic level for authorities and schools; and suggestions for responding sensitively to, and helping raise the achievement of Muslim pupils. The chapters offer case studies and practical guidance on building a culturally inclusive curriculum, Islam and the Arts, Islam and the Sciences, and how to support schools in curriculum design and implementation. The final section features the authentic voice of young Muslims as they express their views on schools, on culture and on terrorism.The book is designed for everyone involved in schools and children s services, and is an original and invaluable resource for dealing with tensions between groups, in schools and in the schools communities. It is essential reading for everyone in education who wants to meet the needs of their Muslim students and help build a more cohesive society.

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