Jasmine Rhamie

Statistics confirm a general picture in which African Caribbean pupils’ attainment in examinations is disproportionately low and their exclusion rates and statements of special educational needs disproportionately high. But it is not always so – nor need it be. This book is about the differences in the school experiences of those who succeeded and those who did not. The voices of the young people presented here are powerful and revealing. Through their own accounts of their school experiences, we see how the influence of family, friends and the community can enable them to succeed against the odds. The stories told in “Eagles who Soar” show how destructive patterns can be broken and how Black children can overcome the challenges they face. It will encourage and inspire the Black community and urge and assist educationists to strive for greater success among African Caribbeans. The book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the education of Black children and young people.

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