I left my school yesterday after just under 4 years as an Assistant Head Teacher there. Lots of students came and said good bye to me. As they do. I recieved parting gifts, cards and boxes and boxes of chocolates.

I hung around at break, lunch and after school for students to come and speak to me if they wished. I did my usual daily, walk around school. Aside from the tears, pleas for hugs and asking for me to add them to instagram/snapchat a few students said some really interesting things to me…

  • Sir, seriously, we are really going to miss your face here, you made it seem like we can make it too. (Asian boys, year 11.)
  • Sir, you opened up discussions in my household that I can now defend properly. (Black boy, year 10.)
  • Being here, showing us that you can be yourself and proper smart, makes me think I don’t need to change who I am to be successful. (Asian girls, year 11/12.)
  • You have continually showed us, that talking about equity, is much clearer than equality. (Year 9/10/11 white girls.)
  • Sir, you make England loving. (Year 11 Looked After Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker.)

This is why, we need to keep up with BAMEed, all of our students benefit from diversity.

  • They need to see us
  • They need to believe they can be us
  • They need to be assured that they will get all chances because of their skills and nothing else
  • They need to know we believe in them and the system

Full post here.

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