Gemma Doswell

About a month ago, I noticed on LinkedIn that my old company was celebrating an article they’d published. It was about diversity in their part of the finance industry. 

It was as ironic as it was blood-curdlingly annoying. 

When I worked there, I also wrote an article about whether the industry was diverse, specifically ethnically. As a young female of ethnic minority background working in the space, I felt well-placed to make a judgement. 

Based on my research, I found that it wasn’t. The industry was largely dominated by men, most of them white – and this was reflected in our own senior management team. Unfortunately, my manager – who was male, white, and who got his job through an acquaintance without an interview – decided that I couldn’t publish it on our blog. It argued too much that if you weren’t a white man, our part of the finance industry wasn’t an easy place to be.

I’m sure if asked today, he’d explain that the standard of my writing wasn’t good enough. That’s why we didn’t publish. 

We move.

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