Nick Dennis

Schools are supposedly places of social opportunity and mobility, yet we still have workforces that are deeply unequal in pay and advancement, to the detriment of staff, students and the wider community. There is robust, replicated and growing evidence that diversity in organisations leads to higher performance and more human-centred institutions, but this hasn’t been seriously considered as a possible solution to the recruitment and retention crisis or a method of systemic improvement.  

The BAMEed Conference on January 19th 2019 seeks to change this for teachers from a minority ethnic background through development workshops and our new mentoring/support programme.  It also is aimed at those of us in leadership/governance/policy positions because we shape the cultures that nurture human flourishing for all. Organisational diversity is good leadership/strategy, and the conference is the perfect opportunity to raise leadership capacity, knowledge and understanding in an environment that is focussed on solving problems.

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