Sharifah Jelany-Lee

It is said that when something is written in the stars, that when values align, powerful change can happen and so it was written that #DiverseEd on Saturday 13th, organised by Hannah Wilson would coincide with the launch of Ed Lead Collective #CollectiveListening Month – both speaking out for the same values of Equity, Equality, Inclusion and proper representation. These two Collective groups are not the only ones calling out against discrimination , intolerance, injustice in all its shapes and forms – whether the injustice is based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or any other prejudice that we recognise. The pandemic gave us real insight into social disparity; the great divide that we see in our communities and especially in our schools. The untimely and horrific death of George Floyd showed a modern world still stuck in primitive and backward ways. Social and racial discrimination is rife, and we are living in a time where this is made even more visible through the power of social media. At the time of writing, far right extremists were chanting offensive slogans and protesting with violence. Let that sink in! Modern Britain shows its colours to the world; what messages are we giving?

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