Naila Missous

Let me ask you a question: which images of Jesus Christ are being portrayed in your classroom? No need for answers straight away, but it’s certainly a thought.

Why does this question matter? As a teacher with an intersectional personality; be it, Muslim, Algerian, British and a woman, teaching with a global perspective comes as second nature. I can’t help it. Perhaps not so sought after or even considered, this perspective in the past was either tokenistic or, quite frankly, never invited. As such, moral justifications in the way we understand and present our subject of RE and Worldviews has not always dipped its toes into the murky waters of what are deemed political or cultural dialogues that make up the foundations of many of the religions explored in our subject. As stated by the feminist thinker Carol Hanisch, as well as it being a prominent slogan in the 1960s, the personal, is very much the political.

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