Schools Week

Educators from all backgrounds and contexts have been asking for guidance on curriculum reform in the light of recent events. Bennie Kara sets out some key principles

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the realisation that black, Asian, and minority ethnic people are more likely to die of Covid-19 and the global response to systemic racism mean that, quite rightly, questions are being asked as to how the curriculum in the UK can be improved for the greater good.

We may be aware of Edward Colston, a Tory MP once heavily involved with the slave trade, now that protesters have removed his statue in Bristol. Did we know that in Bath in 2018, two teenage boys tied up their black classmate, holding a mock slave auction, prodding him with sticks and calling him racist names?  Have we moved on? No. Two teenagers were arrested at the beginning of June for re-enacting the murder of George Floyd, finding it a source of amusement and worth sharing on Snapchat.

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