This was the October event as part of our Courageous Conversations and Race series. Engage with this series of events and online learning here.

Before embarking on a journey towards becoming an anti-racist institution, there is a strategy to formulate. Before a strategy can be set, an audit and overview of the present situation needs to be undertaken. And before this can happen, a courageous conversation about what we know, and what we don’t needs to happen, about the sites where institutional and structural racism dwells in schools.

Professor Paul Miller is the leading researcher and thinker in the field of anti-racism, institutional and structural inequity in our educational leadership. Prof Miller gives us an overview of the issues to look out for, and outlines how to set firm foundations for success in leading your school towards being an anti-racist institution.

The session was followed by a panel discussion with members of The BAMEed Network and drew on questions from the session participants online.

View Professor Paul Miller’s slides

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We will soon highlight some of the questions we were unable to answer during this short session. We encourage you to continue the conversation over on Twitter with the hashtag #BAMEedConversations