Natasha Harrison Co-Authored by Neith Sankofa

Since the tragic lynchings of Ahmaud Arberry, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and, most recently in Atlanta, Rayshard Brooks, there has been a heightened awareness of racism and white supremacy, and its impact on the well-being of Black, Indigenous and other People of Color.  As a consistent voice for racial equity and Healing Justice, we have received inquiries from organizations about facilitating conversations that center racial equity.  These inquiries are almost always fueled by  a realization that ‘we need to have a session’ (checkbox focus) versus mapping out a thoughtful learning journey to help their organization confront their internal systemic racism  in order to shift to a new paradigm that disrupts institutional racism.  We continuously educate these organizations that centering racial equity requires a long term intentional commitment since we have been steeped in a culture of white supremacy for 400 years.  Any conversations or initiatives that seek to help participants understand, embrace and embody racial equity and justice requires a prerequisite ‘unmasking process’ to allow participants to show up fully and share their authentic selves and experiences.  

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