Data, research and policy

On this page, we've collated a range of research and policy publications related to BAME representation in education.

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DfE workforce data - view the latest workforce data from the Department for Education.

FE workforce data - view the latest workforce data for the Further Education sector.

Revealed: FE’s lack of diversity in leadership

HE workforce data - View the latest workforce data for the Higher Education sector.

Visible Minorities, Invisible Teachers: BME Teachers in the Education System in England - Runnymede report

Research organisations

BERA – race, ethnicity and education provide a forum for researchers of ‘race’, ethnicity and education, host seminars, publish papers and support and facilitate the development and quality of research in relation to these issues.

The Institute of Race Relations publishes a quarterly journal Race & Class, free briefing papers on issues of racism in Europe and the UK and occasional books, pamphlets and reports.

Race, Ethnicity and Education is the leading peer-reviewed journal on racism and race inequality in education.

Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank. They generate intelligence to challenge race inequality in Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement. You can read their publications here.

The Traveller Movement is a leading national charity committed to the fulfilment of human rights for ethnic minority Gypsy Roma and Traveller people. The site hosts a range of publications including, a good practice guide to improving outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children in education.

Whiteness and Education is a publication that presents critical discussions of White racism, White identity, privilege, power and intersectionality.

Research papers

A Stereotype Threat Account of Boys’ Academic Underachievement

Aiming Higher: Race, Inequality and Diversity in the Academy

Anti-racist school leadership: making ‘race’ count in leadership preparation and development

Aspiration, career progression and overseas trained teachers in England

Black and minority ethnic leaders in England: A portrait

Black leaders matter: agency, progression and the sustainability of BME school leadership in England

Black Male Teachers, White Education Spaces: Troubling School Practices of Othering and Surveillance

BME academic flight from UK to overseas higher education: aspects of marginalisation and exclusion

Diversity matters

Educational Equity Services - list of Paul Miler's publications

Ethnic disproportionality in the identification of Special Educational Needs (SEN) in England: Extent, causes and consequences

Future teachers more likely to view black children as angry, even when they are not

Initial teacher training: understanding ‘race’, diversity and inclusion

Intersectionality and "Race" in Education

Ofqual: Equality impact assessment: literature review

Overseas trained teachers (OTTs) in England: Surviving or thriving?

Pedagogy and Privilege: The Challenges and Possibilities of Teaching Critically About Racism

Pedagogy of fear: toward a Fanonian theory of ‘safety’ in race dialogue

‘People get killed cause of there [their] skin. It cannot be stopped': a Midlands case study considering experiences of racism amongst pupils in UK secondary schools and the community

Pointless Diversity Training: Unconscious Bias, New Racism and Agency

Race, empire and education: teaching racism

Race and Race Equality: Whiteness in Initial Teacher Education

Race and Racism in English Secondary Schools

'Race Discrimination, the Politics of Knowledge and Cultural Inequality in England'

Racism in Secondary Schools

Reflecting Realities - Survey of Ethnic Diversity in UK Children’s Books (2018)

Reflecting Realities - Survey of Ethnic Representation within UK Children’s Literature (2019)

Reflections on operationalising an anti-racism pedagogy: teaching as regional storytelling

Rules of the game: Disadvantaged students and the university
admissions process

School segregation in multi-ethnic England

Stereotyped at Seven? Biases in Teacher Judgement of Pupils’ Ability and Attainment

‘Tackling’ race inequality in school leadership: Positive actions in BAME teacher progression – evidence from three English schools

Teaching Anti-Racism

Teaching the Teachers: Dismantling Racism and Teaching for Social Change

The Black Curriculum

The diversity trap? Critical explorations of black male teachers’ negotiations of leadership and learning in London state schools

The Dynamics of School Attainment of England’s Ethnic Minorities

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Teaching About Race And Racism To People Who Don't Want to Know

The experience of BME academics in higher education: aspirations in the face of inequality

The Political Dichotomy of School Leadership: Policy, Practice, Social Justice - Evidence from Sixteen Countries

The power of stereotyping and confirmation bias to overwhelm accurate assessment: the case of economics, gender, and risk aversion

The Psychosis of Whiteness

The Swann Report (1985) Education for All. Report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Education of Children from Ethnic Minority Groups

The time for talking is over. Now is the time to act.

‘White sanction’, institutional, group and individual interaction in the promotion and progression of black and minority ethnic academics and teachers in England