On this page, we've collated a range of research and policy publications related to BAME representation in education.

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BERA: Race, Ethnicity and Education

This page on BERA's website collates a variety of their race, ethnicity and education research papers and blogs in one place.


A head for hiring: The behavioural science of recruitment and selection

DfE: Diversity of the teaching workforce

This statement of intent was released by the DfE in 2018 with a number of co-signatories, including BAMEed.

lkmco: Boys on Track

This report from lkmco highlights areas for action to support white FSM-eligible and black Caribbean boys in London.

lkmco: Ethnicity, gender and social mobility

This report from lkmco explores, with reference to intersectionality, how ethnicity, gender and poverty interact to support or constrain young people’s social mobility.

Royal Historical Society: Race, Ethnicity and Equality Report

This report, published 18 October 2018 by the Royal Historical Society highlights racial and ethnic inequalities in the teaching and practice of History in the UK.

Runnymede: Publications and Resources

This page on Runnymede's website collates their publications and resources as the independent race equality think tank.