Meet the team

Elizabeth Olulari

Elizabeth Olulari

Elizabeth is the National Education Lead for Racial Justice at the Church of England Education Office. She has over a decade’s experience working in education leadership as an Education Consultant, Head of Science, EDI Director (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion), SENCO and Safeguarding Lead.  

Elizabeth is skilled in contextual safeguarding, coaching, strategic planning, education technology, curriculum development, and change management. She has special interests in mapping school visions, changing school cultures and sustaining change. She champions research and training in intersectionality and how it relates to all the protected characteristics.   

She is also on the Board of Directors of a leading publishing company and an author and editor of science textbooks. 

Krys McInnis

Krys McInnis

Krys Mcinnis is the Head of Religious Studies and Christian Ethos at an inner-city London school. Additionally, he is a Religious Education consultant as well as a coach for the Anti-Racist School Award at the Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality, Leeds Beckett University. Krys’s academic work and research focuses on decolonising religious education, and he supports schools in their journey by conducting talks, CPD sessions and advising on best practice. 

Our mission and vision

BAMEed South London, is a grassroots network aimed at ensuring our diverse communities are represented as a substantive part of the education workforce for teachers and leaders in education. We seek to learn from each other and actively include all ethnicities through our ABC (Anti-Racism, Best Practice & Collaboration) framework. This network is an open invitation to ALL.

Our aims

Anti- Racism – Supporting colleagues in connecting with other practitioners to diversify, decolonise and inclusivise, to be able to create an anti-racist curriculum. Additionally, empowering colleagues to be able to have a voice against racism in their educational setting to create strategic change at the level of governance, recruitment practices and policy-making

Best Practice – Support colleagues at all levels of their career to continue to develop good practice within various aspects of the school, including both teaching and learning, pastoral and leadership. Additionally, providing a space for colleagues to showcase the work they are doing both inside and outside the classroom.

Collaboration – Support colleagues in connecting with other practitioners through both online and in-person events, creating a brave and safe space lead with purpose. Additionally, we aim to work closely with other local networks and organisations to support colleagues through their journey, teaching and learning.