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“Going against the grain”: amplifying school-based practices for a socio-justice turn in science teaching

Haira Gandolfi is a teacher educator at the University of Cambridge and is looking for science teachers to support a collaborative research project. See a message from her with the full details below.

Dear colleague science teacher,

My name is Haira Gandolfi and I am a science teacher educator at the University of Cambridge (but originally from Brazil). I am writing to you with the hope that you might be able to support a collaborative research project I have been developing with some colleagues in Brazil (all of us science educators), funded by the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Cambridge. 

The project seeks to explore the perspectives and practices of trainees, state-school teachers, and teacher educators based in England with subject specialism in Science (secondary level) around social justice, socio-political, and/or socio-scientific issues related to science – e.g., racism, climate degradation and injustices, science/health-related inequalities, ethics, social action/activism, etc. That is, issues at the intersection between science and justice, culture, politics, social transformation…

In particular, we are seeking to interview (online) science education practitioners based in England who have already been attempting – even if not always successfully or fully – to engage with some elements potentially linked to one or more of the areas listed above as linked to social justice, socio-political and/or socio-scientific issues related to science.

If you are a science teacher (trainee or experienced) working in a state secondary school in England, and you think you might fit the bill of this project: we would love to have you as a participant in this study, if you have the time. We can support your participation with any necessary school cover, and we would like to offer you a £50 participation voucher as a thank you.

If you would like to take part in this project and/or further information about it, please do get in touch with me at, and I can share further information.