We've gathered a range of articles that might be of interest to anyone interested in BAME representation in society and education.

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Academics: it's time to get behind decolonising the curriculum
Black and minority ethnic leaders in England: A portrait
Archiving Britain’s Black Communities There’s no limit to our culture
Resources for White People to Learn and Talk About Race and Racism
The Fight to Redefine Racism
The urgent need for anti-racist education
Race and ethnicity: How are they different?
White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Women of Color Get Less Support at Work. Here’s How Managers Can Change That.
Gender over Race? Equity and inclusion in higher education
Half of children shot by police stun guns are from BAME groups
My white friend asked me to explain white privilege, so I decided to be honest.
‘Welcome and important’: academics on decolonising education
Decolonising the curriculum project
Intolerance towards ethnic minorities and the power of stories
Black and ethnic minority teachers face 'invisible glass ceiling' in schools, report warns
Navdeep Sanghara - Schools Week profile
Clive Webster - Schools Week profile
Race and ethnicity, explained
There is a war on Black people in Britain. If you’re complacent, you’re complicit
Swansea University announces 'decolonised' English course
Too Asian, Not Asian Enough
We need to address the racialisation of crime and deviance
Black female professors must deal with bullying to win promotion, report finds
Teaching BAME History as British History: What does it have to do with Brexit?
Whatever happened to equalities?
Racism still festers in Britain’s workplaces. It’s time to get tough
Our banknotes must feature ethnic minorities if we are to reflect modern Britain
10 great black British films
'Wow, I'm racist': In time of viral encounters, 'white spaces' are used to confront biases
Revealing the colour of madness
Brexit, Empire and Decolonisation
A Reader’s First Memory of Racism: ‘Because You’re Black’
Unravelling the concept of unconscious bias
Met police 'disproportionately' use stop and search powers on black people
Teachers biased against black pupils and white boys from underprivileged backgrounds, report says
Should I lead, facilitate or get out of the way?
British Empire is still being whitewashed by the school curriculum
Five trailblazing Black women chat to the women who've inspired them
Minority children with a strong sense of ethnic-racial identity are more resilient to harms of discrimination
How to use your privilege for good
'We can't fight racism on our own': A year and a half on from Traveller ethnicity
What the racial equality movement can learn from the global fight for women’s rights