About Us

BAMEed is a movement initiated in response to the continual call for intersectionality and diversity in the education sector. All members are volunteers and have committed their time and efforts into creating a tangible support network to equip teachers and leaders with the tools to progress into and through the workforce.

BAMEed connects, enables and showcases the talent of diverse educators so they may inspire future generations and open up the possibilities within education careers.

The Steering group are working on the platform for our common purpose. They map out our mission, manage opportunities for collaboration with other organisations and ensure that the network acts on feedback for development.


Steering Group - Founding Members

Allana Gay

Allana Gay is a Headteacher at a North London Primary School. Her experience as an educator and school leader arches over secondary and primary schools all of whom have been in challenging or deprived circumstances.

Allana shares her leadership experiences across the sectors to encourage primary and secondary schools to work in true partnership.  Allana seeks to change the outward face of education by ensuring equality for all within the education sector.  

She is a London regional leader for the established WomenEd network which supports women in education towards senior posts. Allana co-founded BAMEed Network to encourage more BAME educators into the profession and to ensure they are supported to progress within their careers.

Amjad Ali

Amjad Ali senior leader and trainer. He has worked with all sectors from trainee teachers to Head Teachers providing training on Teaching and Learning and Inclusion.

He is ambitious and committed to making a difference to the education system by inspiring changes. He teaches, tweets and tweaks his practice to help others improve theirs, which in turn helps him and his students too. For Amjad, education is about ensuring wherever you come from, whatever your parents do or not do, does not impact on the potential of success. Whatever success means to a young person it should be found and celebrated.

Amjad has previous co-organised the country’s largest TeachMeets, whilst also presenting keynotes, offering workshops and inspirational addresses at others. Amjad has also been involved in setting up initiatives such as #TwitterCoachingED which has helped hundreds of colleagues online, and #CultureBoxED to help address the imbalance of diversity across the country.

Penny Rabiger

Penny Rabiger was a teacher for over a decade and later became one of the founder members of the team that set up The Key, the leading information and guidance service for School Leaders and School Governors, where she was Research Team Leader and later became Director of Business Development. She has worked with a number of social enterprises in the education sector, including as Head of Membership at Challenge Partners, an education charity which enables collaboration between schools, and the Finnish immersive storytelling organisation, Lyfta. Penny is a long-serving school governor and a MAT Trustee. She is passionate about issues around social mobility, education and equality of opportunity. She blogs at tenpencemore.wordpress.com.  


Steering Group - Joined Summer 2018

Hannah Tyreman

Hannah Tyreman is the Head of Online Learning and Community at the Chartered College of Teaching.

She previously worked as an English teacher in the Further Education sector between 2009 and 2018. She worked as a Learning and Development Manager in two different colleges between 2013 and 2018.

Lizana Oberholzer

Lizana Oberholzer is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead on the MA in Leadership in Education at the University of East London.


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